Clark University Faculty Resolution on Immigration Executive Orders

The following resolution was pass by the Clark University faculty today:

"We, the faculty of Clark University, unequivocally condemn the executive order, Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States, and associated statements issued by the Trump administration selectively denying admission to the United States on the basis of national origin and religious belief. Our University owes its greatness to a continued intermixing of faculty, staff, and students born in different countries, or whose forebears were born outside the United States and came to the country seeking refuge and opportunity. Our very identity as an institution leads us to view this order as a tremendous error that will weaken, not strengthen, our democratic institutions. The order embodies prejudice, heartlessness, religious and racial discrimination, and a clear misreading of the modern history of violence on U.S. soil. In short, we deem this order un-American and antithetical to freedom of inquiry, social justice, and other values at the core of a liberal arts education. It is not simply that we stand in solidarity with all those affected by this order, including current and former students; it is that we are an academic institution whose success, identity and principles are based on immigration, internationalism and learning across our many differences. We call on President Trump to rescind this ignoble order immediately."