Maho Aikawa to Give Talk at Eastern Psychological Association

Maho Aikawa, M.A., a social psychology graduate student in IIVL, will present her research at the 2017 Eastern Psychological Association's annual conference in Boston, MA.

Her talk, titled "Ambivalent attitudes toward women and men and their role in child-rearing attitudes", examines the role of gender-related ideologies in child-rearing attitudes and social policies.

New Paper on Men's Collective Action Willingness Accepted for Publication

A new paper on men's collective action willingness has been accepted for publication in Psychology of Men & Masculinity! The paper tests how well two theories of intergroup relations (social dominance theory and social identity theory) explain collective action willingness for men and women. The results from a structural equation model demonstrated that SIT was a good model for women's collective action model, but SDT was a good model for men's collective action willingness. This study argues for using multiple theories in understanding collective action among different constitutencies.


Men’s Collective Action Willingness: Testing Different Theoretical Models of Protesting Gender Inequality for Women and Men
Andrew L. Stewart
The present study compares models of collective action to reduce gender inequality. The dual pathway model argues that identification with the disadvantaged group along with anger and group efficacy predict collective action. Social dominance theory argues that general support for intergroup equality and rejecting sexist beliefs in particular motivate collective action. Structural equation modeling revealed that both models were supported but are moderated by gender. Men’s support for equality increased opposition to sexism, which was associated with collective action willingness, and women’s ingroup identification predicted anger and group efficacy, which predicted collective action willingness. In all, the present studies demonstrate the utility of theoretical pluralism and has implications for programs and interventions that seek to encourage women and men to engage in collective action.

Declan Kurant and Fatima Zavala Ruiz Awarded LEEP Fellowships for Summer 2016

Two members of the Ideology and Intergroup Violence Lab at Clark University have been awarded LEEP Project Fellowships for Summer 2016. Declan will conduct a research project on heterosexist harassment, collecting data, analyzing it, and preparing a manuscript for publication. Fatima will also conduct a research project, and she will be collecting data on teen dating violence in three schools in California. This data will form the foundation for her honors thesis. Congratulations to both!

Clark students Keke Kaikhosroshvili and Themal Ellawala publish manuscripts in SURJ

Two students working with me have published manuscripts of their research in the Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal, a student-run peer-reviewed journal at Clark University. Keke Kaikhosroshvili's paper examined the role of narratives among English language learners and was sponsored by Prof. Elena Zaretsky in the Hiatt School of Psychology. Themal Ellawala's paper reviewed the link between police shootings of African Americans in the U.S. and dehumanization processes. This paper was developed from a graduate seminar Themal took with me on stereotypes and prejudice in Fall 2015. Congratulations to them both!

IIVL Members Present Posters at Clark's Academic Spree Day


Four members of the Ideology and Intergroup Violence Lab will be presenting posters on research projects conducted in our lab. Mohamed Elmaola and Duncan Hardy will be presenting results from an experiment on the effects of racial humor on explicit and implicit prejudice. Keke Kaikhosroshvili will be presenting research she conducted in the summer of 2015 in the country of Georgia on intimate relationships, sexism, and traditional gender roles. Muzi Lin will be presenting results from a study examining gender differences in sadness and implications for depression among women. Finally, Declan Kurant will be presenting results from an analysis of trustworthiness and ethical perceptions in small groups. They will be presenting their posters on Wednesday, April 27 at Clark University. 

Paper on the Gezi Protests Accepted for Publication


Our paper describing our experience of conducting research in the midst of the 2013 Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, Turkey has been accepted for publication in Contention Journal !

Leach, C. W., Çelik, A. B., Bilali, R., Cidam, A., & Stewart, A. L. (in press). Being there: The 2013 anti-government protests in Istanbul, Turkey. Contention Journal: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest.

Talk at Association for Women in Psychology on Sexist Beliefs and Norms


On March 5, 2016, Andrew L. Stewart presented research examining the relationships among sexist beliefs, norms, and intimate partner violence around the world. The talk was given at the annual meeting of the Association for Women in Psychology in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and was titled "Sexist beliefs and norms: Ideological foundations of violent and nonviolent discrimination against women."