Keke Kaikhosroshvili Wins the Alice Higgins Award from the Women's and Gender Studies Program at Clark

Keke Kaikhosroshvili, IIVL member, has won the Alice Higgins Award from the Women's and Gender Studies Program at Clark University. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to Clark and to the wider community of women and girls. Keke will receive $250 for this honor. Congratulations Keke!

Declan Kurant and Fatima Zavala Ruiz Awarded LEEP Fellowships for Summer 2016

Two members of the Ideology and Intergroup Violence Lab at Clark University have been awarded LEEP Project Fellowships for Summer 2016. Declan will conduct a research project on heterosexist harassment, collecting data, analyzing it, and preparing a manuscript for publication. Fatima will also conduct a research project, and she will be collecting data on teen dating violence in three schools in California. This data will form the foundation for her honors thesis. Congratulations to both!

Clark students Keke Kaikhosroshvili and Themal Ellawala publish manuscripts in SURJ

Two students working with me have published manuscripts of their research in the Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal, a student-run peer-reviewed journal at Clark University. Keke Kaikhosroshvili's paper examined the role of narratives among English language learners and was sponsored by Prof. Elena Zaretsky in the Hiatt School of Psychology. Themal Ellawala's paper reviewed the link between police shootings of African Americans in the U.S. and dehumanization processes. This paper was developed from a graduate seminar Themal took with me on stereotypes and prejudice in Fall 2015. Congratulations to them both!

Fatima Zavala Ruiz, IIVL Member, wins Steinbrecher Fellowship at Clark University

Fatima Zavala Ruiz, a member of the Ideology and Intergroup Violence Lab at Clark University, won a Steinbrecher Fellowship, which provides undergraduate students with funding "to pursue original ideas, creative research, public service or enrichment projects." Fatima will be able to conduct research on teen dating violence and healthy relationships during Summer 2016. Congratulations Fatima!