Here is a list of software I use in my work.


  • Things
    • Things manages all of my projects and tasks.
  • Fantastical 2
    • This program is the best calendar application. Entering new events very easy with natural language parsing.
  • Scanbot
    • This is the best scanner app I've tried.
  • 1Password
    • This is the best way to store and manage all of my passwords.
  • Trello
    • I keep track of my and my students' research pipelines in this app.


  • Drafts 5
    • Everything I write begins here. After I've written it down (ideas, paragraphs, emails, etc.), I can export it to the appropriate application for further development.
  • Scrivener
    • I write my manuscripts in Scrivener. It is the best writing studio application ever.
  • Mindnode
    • Nice mind-mapping software that I should probably use more than I do.
  • Pages
    • Manuscripts are exported from Scrivener, and I use Pages to finalize the document, getting it into APA format and exporting to PDF.
  • Microsoft Word
    • I only use MS Word when people send me .docx files. It's also a legacy collaboration tool when working with other coauthors.

Data Analysis

  • RStudio (with R of course)
    • The majority of my data analyses are done with R and RStudio. It connects with my GitHub repository, so I can store and share code online. The knitting feature is amazing.
  • MPlus 7
    • I analyze complex models with MPlus, including multilevel structural equation modeling. Though I have done a paired sample t test with MPlus before.
  • SPSS
    • I use SPSS when other people send me SPSS datasets. Ugh.


  • Keynote
    • Keynote is the best presentation application.