Teaching Philosophy

In general, I attempt to use psychoeducational techniques, where students approach the course material in personal and meaningful ways that reflect their educational journey throughout the course or educational experience. I apply these techniques in three specific ways. First, I approach teaching as dialectic between teacher and student, a process of give and take from each other. Second, I believe that teaching should be practical and applicable to students by relating concepts and issues to their actual problems in an effort to find effective solutions. Third, I view teaching as a way to apply allow students to develop as engaged, critical citizens during an important time in their development. Psychology continues to work toward improving people’s lives and relationships, and the teaching of psychology should reflect this goal. These psychoeducational techniques ensure that the students and I connect with others and work toward improving each other’s lives.

Courses Taught


  • Statistics (5 Times)
  • Psychology of Prejudice
  • Psychology of Power and Privilege
  • Lab in Social Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Combined Undergraduate/Graduate

  • Masculinities and Violence


  • Advanced Social Psychology
  • Stereotypes and Prejudice
  • Structural Equation Modeling

Course Materials